Driveway Cleaning

We provide reliable driveway cleaning for those in and around the area of Taunton. Use this service to remove moss and other forms of algae, as well as to freshen up and revitalise any surfaces. We combat the consequences of regular footfall, vehicles, and weathering. These not only discolour the surface, they also promote weed and algae growth.

This not only restores the visual aesthetic of your driveway, patio, or walkways, it also allows for the prevention and early signs of maintenance, whether you need to address uneven paving, or perform some re-pointing.

Front & Back Of House

We can help you restore a driveway at the front of your property, or a paved or patio section of your back garden. These areas will pose different cleaning requirements. With our skilled staff on hand, you will have a service that goes above and beyond a regular pressure wash.

We can select cleaning products and methods that cater to the specific area. This combined with our high pressure washing with cold water system ensures a thorough removal of dirt and debris.

Contact County Cleaning Today

Get in touch with County Cleaning by phone or email today for more information on this service. We are happy to help whether you are a domestic or commercial customer, and if required, provide a free, no obligation quotation.

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