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Gutter cleaning

Blocked gutters on any property can cause a myriad of problems, often leading to very expensive solutions. Ignoring the problem can cause:

  • structural damage to brickwork, roofs and foundations, over time leading to floors sagging, cracks in walls and build up of moss and algae
  • interior damage to plaster and walls causing damp and mould
  • rotten fascias and soffits
  • pooling of water on the surrounding landscape
  • colonies of pests, rodents and spiders living and breeding in moss and mould
  • blocked drain pipes which will push water upwards to your overflow, causing longterm damage to the exterior of the property

Regular cleaning of your gutters, drains and pipes is therefore essential. Whilst we recommend an annual clean, carrying one out in early summer and then one in early winter is more beneficial. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, you may even need to do it more often. Thorough clearing of debris will ensure that your gutter system lasts longer and any damage to your property can be avoided.

County Cleaning can provide you with a full service of clearing and maintenance across your entire system of gutter drainage. Removal of debris is undertaken by hand to ensure no residue is left behind and then our telescopic water system thoroughly cleanses all areas, including gutters, pipes, fascias and soffits. You don’t even have to be at home for us to carry out the work!

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