Solar Panel Cleaning

County Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaining in Somerset

We carry out residential cleaning on many 4KW solar systems and similar sizes. We recommend cleaning these every 6 months and offer a discount for clients who agree to a six-monthly cleaning schedule. We do not need to walk on your roof to clean your solar panels. We clean solar panels on 2 storey houses from ground level using our specialist equipment.

We carry out commercial solar panel cleaning in Somerset on ground-mounted solar parks and solar farms of all sizes, including multi-MW and also on a number of different types of buildings. We can clean solar panels on factory and office roofs, public buildings and farm buildings.

On farms, we can also use telehandlers to access solar panels mounted on farm roofs, saving you money on machine hire.

Why choose us?

Solar panel cleaning is what we do best. We are experienced in cleaning complex roof mounted solar panels to the large-scale solar farms, and everything in-between.

How often should I clean my Solar Panels?

Every solar array is unique and depending upon different environmental factors, the recommended frequency of each clean will vary.

Special attention should be given to panels situated in dustier areas, for example; next to a main road, by the sea and on or near farmland etc. These solar panels will require more frequent cleaning as the dust build up will be considerably more.

Bird faeces and lichen is also a huge problem…

When solar panels remain dirty for long periods of time, they suffer from modular shading, in addition to this, permanent module staining may also occur and the larger the array, the bigger the loss of return is for the owner!