Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty Solar Panels do not work as efficiently, effectively costing you money from your annual payback.

We offer solar panel cleaning for those in and around the area of Taunton. Regular solar PV maintenance, will ensure that your panels are performing optimally. A build-up of debris, algae, dust and even bird droppings can impact the efficiency of your panels, which is why we provide such a service as this. We will delicately, but effectively remove any contaminants built-up on your panels, making them look and perform like new.   

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Cleaning Schedules

Every solar panel system is unique. Different manufacturers, installation methods, and locations will affect the level of cleaning and frequency required. Factors to take into consideration include:

Short Term Effects

These include the diminished ability for light to enter through the primary surface and create solar energy, further to this, debris can cause strain to fixings and attract birds and other pests. With a clean, this can be removed swiftly and restored to optimum performance.

Long Term Effects

One of the main problems associated with long term accumulation is modular staining. This is when the surface becomes stained, and even after a clean, still has diminished photon absorption. Other effects include damage to fixings.

It is therefore important to keep on top of cleaning your solar panel system. Not only to promote optimal operation and aesthetic, but also to maintain your asset.

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